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Katy Manning loves me.

The event mentioned is Anglicon 2015: The Regeneration. As far as I can tell, this ‘British media con’ is the Pacific Northwest’s answer to Gallifrey One in Los Angeles. It first took place in 1988, hosting Paul Darrow from Blake’s 7, and in the following almost two decades hosted Nicholas Courtney, John Levene, Colin Baker, and Anneke Wills along with assorted guests from other properties. Membership lapsed in the mid-2000s, and Anglicon was finally cancelled in 2006 for lack of participation.

Little did they know what was just around the corner.

2015 is the first year of the con’s regeneration. The guest list so far includes Katy Manning, Colin Baker, and Sophie Aldred. All British media fans are welcomed, but the emphasis is clearly on Doctor Who. Located in Seattle, only three hours away, it’s much more accessible to me than Gallifrey One could ever be – considering travel and hotel costs, as well as the speed with which that event sells out. Not that I wouldn’t go, given the chance, but with Anglicon I don’t have to wait for an opportunity. I can just go.

Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential.

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