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I really need to go do other things, but I wanted to share this: RTD vs Moffat

Like the original poster, I am baffled by the hate and sharply aware that neither (nor any prior) showrunner is All That. Neither, nor any, is all bad either. Everyone has their favorite stuff and stuff that bothers them. That’s life.

I also agree that ‘fair and balanced’ does not mean equal. Personally I like RTD’s era better than Moffat’s, and Moffat’s contributions to that era better than anything else either of them has written. I’m never going to enjoy S6 as much as I enjoy S1, no matter how fair-minded I might like to be. That’s life too.

There’s really no need for people to be rabid about it either way.


Posted January 23, 2015 by Elisabeth in Fandom, Writers and Writing

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