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On the subject of companions, I would like to clearly state that I do not consider a male primary companion a valid choice until we get a female Doctor. Until then, I’d be happy to see some men and boys as additional companions; I would have loved to see Twelve travel with Clara, Danny, and Courtney much as the First Doctor traveled with two teachers and their student in a balanced male-female quartet. That would have been fun. The Second Doctor and Jamie were a delightful pair, but even off camera their dynamic was exclusive: the two actors, according to interviews, enjoyed tormenting their younger female co-stars, at least until Wendy Padbury demonstrated she could give as good as she got. We don’t need that kind of boys’ club environment in the 21st century. Instead, maybe Twelve and Clara will pick up someone like Psi or Brannigan or Canton Everett Delaware III. Maybe the next Doctor will be a Time Lady, collecting a string of handsome young men – and occasionally some women too – to keep her company in her travels.

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