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Yes, I mentioned Sarah Jane Smith.

I posted about her a couple of times on my other blog. I only vaguely knew who she was when the actress died of cancer at 65, in the midst of filming the fifth season of her highly successful comeback show, The Sarah Jane Adventures. I read some of the messages sent in to the CBBC by kids of all ages, and they absolutely made me sob. She meant so much to so many people, both when she was on Doctor Who in the 1970s and more recently. People who loved her when they were children watched her new show with their own children. One, at least, was moved to write a song for her:

‘Goodnight, Sarah Jane’ by Talis Kimberley

Personally, though she isn’t my favorite classic companion, I do like what of her I’ve seen. I enjoyed her comeback in ‘School Reunion,’ and I LOVE that she finally got a spinoff of her own – a sixty-ish woman headlining a sci-fi adventure show on her own, with no equivalent male co-star. Beyond that, though, she reminds me a little of my own mother. They share a birthday, just a few years apart; both have dark hair and light eyes, both love life with a passion. A sense of humor and adventure, an unwillingness to be held back or told what to do, a love of children and making a difference for the next generation, characterize them both. And then, both died far too young. When I hear Kimberly’s song, I think of my mother as much as Sarah Jane and Lis Sladen and Cady Coleman, and all the other women who have made it possible for me to be who I am.

Okay, I tried to resist but I can’t.

damn onion ninjas…


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