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… which he shouldn’t do, because he’s terrible at it, but while we’re on the speculation train let’s have a look anyway.

I’m not going to dig up the exact quote, because I can’t be bothered to read his tripe again, but he commented that there are ways in which Clara could be a part of Orson Pink’s family history without being his direct ancestor. Of course, he once again explained a thing that didn’t need explaining, but the fact that he did explain it may or may not have significance.

A few theories:

  1. He’s lying through his crooked Scottish teeth, Clara is pregnant and Orson is her and Danny’s direct descendant.
  2. He wants to dispel rumors and expectations that could detract from his actual story: fans expecting a pregnancy may oppose an alternate too harshly? Moffat’s relationship with fans is odd enough that he might actually have that concern.
  3. He’s sincere. Orson Pink’s relationship with Clara was a side trip that didn’t pan out, and he wants to clear that up for the fans. Unlikely I know, but possible.

Also, the newest teaser for the Christmas special includes the words ‘You Are Dying,’ apparently addressed to Clara. A few more theories:

  1. This is for real, and the ‘dying’ theory pans out. (Wishful thinking.)
  2. This is a big fat red herring.
  3. This is a feint, a distraction from what’s really going on, much like Clara’s speech about Clara Oswald never existing in the ‘Death in Heaven’ teasers. Someone else is dying, or no one is dying at all.

Further, I encountered a highly suspect and unsubstantiated rumor that Jenna Coleman had changed her mind about leaving after Christmas and instead would remain for the first half of S9. Given the source I consider it unlikely, though it would help explain the confusion about her contract status, the straightening of which might be considered spoilery.

All the more reason to watch the Christmas special. (Four more days, four days, four days…)


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