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It’s always fun to be noticed and appreciated. The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra has been around a few years, and received many mentions, most notably from composer Murray Gold himself. But that doesn’t make moments like this any less awesome:

Freema Agyeman, ladies, gents, and others.

Before I became a fangirl, I looked down on people who admired celebrities. I didn’t think famous people had any more to offer than anyone else – possibly even less. They’re just actors, not brain surgeons or rocket scientists; they don’t save lives or increase knowledge or build things that matter.

Except, to their fans, they do.

Stories matter. They’re one of the oldest features of humanity, and one of the most powerful. Actors, writers, producers, stunt performers, cinematographers, grips, and PAs are all part of the modern architecture of storytelling. Actors are the face of the stories they tell, and we get attached to the faces of the stories that matter to us. Freema Agyeman isn’t just a woman playacting in front of a camera; she is the face of courage, of adventure, of standing up for oneself – and probably a hundred other things to other people. To do something that touches her even a little bit like she’s touched us is an awesome opportunity, and an honor.

Here’s another example of celebrities that matter, courtesy of the courageous Lemonsweetie: Patrick Stewart being awesome.


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