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Still wondering what’s in store for the holiday special.

A few episodes back, Missy commented on having ‘chosen [Clara] well.’ We are reminded that Clara got the Doctor’s number from ‘the woman in the shop.’ (Side questions: how did the Master get this number? From Madame Karabraxos? Elsewhere?) It’s strongly implied that Missy was the woman. It’s also implied that she placed the personal ad that brought the two back together in ‘Deep Breath.’ But why would she choose Clara? What is her game? And why Clara?

The theory that Clara is dying might explain it. If the Master knows that she is sick and cannot be cured, she might enjoy watching the Doctor watch her slowly die, knowing all the while he is powerless to help her. She might, being bananas, enjoy the Doctor’s drawn-out pain. She might be attempting to remind the Doctor that no human can take the place of a Time Lord in another Time Lord’s hearts.

This would require a minor reversal on the part of the Master, but we’ve already seen that. Missy says explicitly that she wants her friend back – in spite of her previous incarnation’s refusal to travel with him. Of course that Master had another (master) plan, and he knew it would hurt the Doctor to watch him die. (Frakking sadist.) It would require some pretty convoluted planning and forethought, but that’s the Master all over. She has tricked him into taking on – and growing to love – a companion whose time is already nearly up, a companion for whom he can do nothing to ease her way or give her a better life.

(Of course, Clara knows better – he’s already done that much for her.)

Maybe Missy thinks that this companion will cure him of lesser beings for life.

Well, she IS bananas.

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