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This episode suffers from serious meh.

Like ‘Pandorica,’ it’s an epic monster-fest, with all the armies the Doctor has supposedly frightened rising up against him. This time, though, it’s an army we’ve barely heard of, with weird religious motifs. I don’t buy the Doctor as a great warrior. I don’t enjoy episodes that revolve around him in this way.

I do enjoy the introduction of the Paternoster Gang, and the return of the pirates. I like the idea of River Song being Melody Pond, but not the execution. I think I’d prefer her as a more distant relation, with a more independent back story. I like the moment of Rory meeting his daughter.

However, pregnancy storylines suck, because then you’re stuck with a baby. What can you do with a baby besides sit home and feed it and change it and rock it to sleep? I suppose you can turn it into a weapon, if you skip all the messy bits. It’s very Angel – Connor stolen away to return as a mega-creep. That storyline was terrible, and so is this one. Even Alex Kingston can’t quite sell it.

Once again, I’m not looking forward to what comes. We have resolution, more or less, to River’s story, and we all know how that goes. However we also have a few non-mythology episodes that I don’t much remember. I suppose at the least I can look forward to those. Also, the introduction of the Tessalecta is cool. Four episodes out of six with (potentially) minimal eye-rolling.

We’ll see how that goes.


Posted November 16, 2014 by Elisabeth in Season 6, The Great Re-Watch

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