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Here we have another pair of perfectly excellent episodes of Doctor Who, and a creepy, introspective story about what it is to be human. The Doctor is beyond wonderful in this: clever in a number of ways, emotional, almost uncharacteristically forward-thinking. Rory gets to shine as well, showing compassion, strength, and a powerful sense of justice. Raquel Cassidy’s Cleaves is a wonderful side character, and there’s also ‘Have a drink, Chris’ Marshall Lancaster, much beloved from Life on Mars. Writer Matthew Graham was previously responsible for the oft-panned ‘Fear Her,’ another episode where the Doctor’s compassion takes center stage, and unsurprisingly quite a lot of Life on Mars.

On this pass I was strongly reminded of Nick Harkaway’s ‘Gone-Away World,’ another story in which SPOILERS two beings struggle over the same life. I loved that story a lot, and I have a lot more appreciation for this one now too.

A semi-downside is the continuation of the pregnancy storyline, which I still despise but have to admit is handled really well. The setup and twists are quite excellent. I do hate how the Doctor keeps telling Amy to breathe. It’s icky. He’s got no business participating in this aspect of her life. I wish Moffat hadn’t done it, and I hope to hell he’s not doing it again now.

Still, bastard’s got me looking forward to the next episode.

Posted November 16, 2014 by Elisabeth in Season 6, The Great Re-Watch

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