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I think by now most people accept that Jenna Coleman is leaving at the end of this season, even though there has been no announcement, nothing more than rumors and the direction of the season. Assuming that Clara will be gone after Christmas, there are two theories I have seen tossed out as to her fate.

One is that she is pregnant.

One is that she is dying.

I support the dying theory. As I posted previously, it is supported by quite a lot of hints offered throughout the season. Why else would she never tell anyone else she loved him? What else would explain a complete lack of comment on her hair? Why else would she behave so suicidally: trapping herself with the Doctor on a volcano, following Danny to the Nethersphere, risking his killing her when she removes the emotions from his Cyberman form? Plus it’s something that actually hasn’t been done before on Doctor Who – well, briefly, there was Abigail in ‘A Christmas Carol,’ but it hasn’t happened to a companion, someone the fans had grown to love over seasons. It would be interesting to see the Doctor dealing with it. As I said before, I think he knows; I think being forced to face the truth of it will shatter this Doctor’s cold hard exterior.

And THAT would be something to see.

I despise the pregnancy theory. Part of it is bias: I hate pregnancy storylines, I think they’re annoying, I understand other people like them but I don’t understand why. A bit like real pregnancy that way. But also, we just had a pregnancy storyline in S6 with Amy. It was terrible. Worse, it would suggest that Moffat sees no other purpose for young women than to bear children. I know, lots of people feel that way, some of them even women. But Moffat doesn’t need that kind of press. And the Doctor’s fans don’t need that kind of message.

Supporters see much of the same evidence as above in favor of their theory: the commentary about Clara’s appearance and proper functioning, her need to tell something to the Doctor and Danny, the post-it saying ‘three months.’ A lot of this stuff could go either way. Also they have Orson Pink. The implication that he is Clara and Danny’s grandson was very very strong. It might have to be explained away, if this is not the route we go.

If it IS the route we go, I will accept it. I got more than I hoped for with the Master; I shouldn’t be surprised or offended to get less with Clara. I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t give up, on Moffat, Clara, or the show.

I would not be surprised if this were Moffat’s intention, that two equally compelling arguments should be hashed out among fans over the next six weeks. I’m sure he loves this stuff. And that, of course, makes me wonder if the truth will in fact turn out to be something else entirely. Something never thought of, or something lied about so effectively that everyone missed it.

The biggest surprise of all would be to find that none of the above is true, and Clara will be back for S9.


Posted November 14, 2014 by Elisabeth in Companions, Season 8

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