The always delightful David Tennant   1 comment

Posted by writer Chris Chibnall from the set of Gracepoint: a photo. (Courtesy of Tumblr of course.)

If you can’t read Detective Carver’s messages, one is from D. Noble, regarding the library; one from Martha Jones, with information about Sally Sparrow; and the third, from R. Tyler, is something about a wolf. Rumor has it that David wrote the messages himself. I believe it; he operates at that level of fandom, and few others on the Gracepoint set likely do.

Once the Doctor, always the Doctor. ❤


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ETA I just noticed the checkmarks on the messages. Martha Jones ‘telephoned’ and ‘please call.’ D. Noble ‘telephoned.’ R. Tyler ‘telephoned’ and ‘wants to see you.’

❤ I am such a fangirl… ❤


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