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I’m weirdly not looking forward to this upcoming season.

There are some great moments in Series 6. Canton Delaware III; ‘The Doctor’s Wife;’ the theorized first appearance of the War Doctor. The return of Craig, with Stormageddon in tow, and some fantastic work for Karen Gillan in ‘The Girl Who Waited.’ But overall, I’m not excited. With the exception of ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ and ‘The Wedding of River Song,’ I’ve only seen any of these episodes once; but what I remember has some problems.

  1. The Doctor’s death in E1 is the first occurence – as I recall – of companions conspiring to ‘protect’ the Doctor from some piece of knowledge. It’s an annoying trope, and nothing anyone should ever do to anyone else. Especially not the Doctor; he’s not a child who needs protection, he’s not a delicate flower, he’s the Doctor and should be treated as a person just like everyone else.
  2. River, the brainwashed criminal. Tragic misuse of a wonderful character. I hate this story.
  3. The wedding. It’s stupid. It’s not the Doctor, it’s a Tessalecta, and he doesn’t tell her his name, so even if that happened as the Tenth Doctor implied, it didn’t happen here.
  4. The climax is horribly convoluted and annoying.
  5. Pregnancy storyline. I already hate it, because it’s a pregnancy storyline. Add in Amy’s ignorance, and the whole Ganger switch thing, and you end up with a giant pile (sometimes literally) of ick. No thank you.
  6. I get that having Amy, Rory, and River’s lives intertwined is fun, but it also devalues the characters as individuals. They’re no longer people with stories of their own, they’re part of the Doctor’s story.

I’m starting to wonder if I should just skip it. But then, there’s Idris, and Stormageddon, and the one with the hotel that I hardly remember. There’s lots of Rory. (He can’t be lame the WHOLE time, can he?) There’s stuff I want to see. And then again, maybe I need to bring a fresh eye to the rest. Like S5, maybe it’s not actually as weak a season as I remember. Maybe it’s better the second time round.

We shall see.


Posted November 13, 2014 by Elisabeth in Season 6, The Great Re-Watch

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