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The Eleventh Doctor’s first Christmas special is a delight. A classic story, sweet and funny and sad, with music and, for some reason, sharks. It’s wonderful. This in spite of the Doctor’s inexplicable inability to relate to women, and some Amy/Rory silliness. Kazran is wonderful in all forms, and Abigail is a gem. Also, one of my favorite quotes comes from this episode, with regard to the universality of winter holidays:

“We’re halfway out of the dark.”

And of course, one of the Eleventh Doctor’s best:

“In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important before.”

However, in spite of having seen it at least twice before, somehow I never noticed that Abigail’s family doesn’t age. In the ‘present day,’ when Kazran is 60ish, Abigail’s sister’s children are young teenagers at the very eldest. The boy – the one that Kazran very importantly doesn’t hit – looks about twelve. In the past, when Kazran is maybe 18, Abigail’s sister’s children are not much younger. The boy seems about eight, though he could be six. How does Kazran age 40 years while these children grow by maybe five?

Why have I never noticed this before? And how has no one mentioned it? For me, the rest of the episode is so perfect, I’m happy to overlook it. However, not many other fans feel that way. I’m surprised at their silence.

Still. Spectacular episode, beautifully written and acted, classic literature, inside jokes, and of course, the music.


Posted November 13, 2014 by Elisabeth in Christmas Specials, Season 5, The Great Re-Watch

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