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This post on Tumblr reminded me of some of my more favorite moments from Twelve’s latest outing.

  • Grumpy Cat Doctor doesn’t want to help a lost little girl, but he can’t help himself.
  • ‘I walk your earth. I breathe your air.’ He acknowledges Clara’s words, communicating his passion for humanity in the best way this Doctor can.
  • ‘It’s a human superpower, forgetting.’ For some reason, I REALLY LOVE the acknowledgement of women’s pain and peril, and that the human race would die out if not for the forgetting. The war point is good too, and probably equally true.
  • ‘Happy Red Ring Day.’ The child notices, the teacher remembers, the Doctor understands. Teamwork.
  • Attempting to understand the child Maebh’s* mental condition. Children’s mental health is so complicated; medication can help, but it can also hurt, and the hard part is finding the line. The Doctor criticizes suppression by medication, but he doesn’t throw out the whole concept. He listens and tries to understand. Again, mental health is treated with compassion.
  • Little Red Riding Hood, pursued by wolves.
  • Fighting off the tiger with a flashlight. It’s believable that a big cat would be put off by an annoying light (especially since prey is plentiful in the new forest, yikes). I also like how the flashlight and its brightness were established earlier. Believable, and it works.

The whole episode is full of little bits that set up other little bits, and the whole ties together neatly. Well done, everyone.


* I heard ‘Maeve’ and I’ve seen it spelled that way before. However I’ve also recently become aware that bh = v in Irish: the foster mother of Orphan Black‘s Sarah Manning is called Siobhan, pronounced (shu-VONN).

Posted October 27, 2014 by Elisabeth in Season 8

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