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I should be keeping track of the writers of these episodes I’m re-watching, because I always end up wondering after the fact. Here’s Series 5 so far:

‘The Eleventh Hour’ – Stephen Moffat
‘The Beast Below’ – Stephen Moffat
‘Victory of the Daleks’ – Mark Gatiss
‘The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone’ – Stephen Moffat
‘The Vampires of Venice’ – Toby Whithouse
‘Amy’s Choice’ – Simon Nye
‘The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood’ – Chris Chibnall
‘Vincent and the Doctor’ – Richard Curtis
‘The Lodger’ – Gareth Roberts

The last two are Moffat again.

Whithouse and Chibnall – and I think Gatiss – I’ve mentioned before. Gareth Roberts is another repeat offender, responsible for ‘The Shakespeare Code’ in S3, ‘The Unicorn and the Wasp’ in S4, Craig’s S6 return in ‘Closing Time,’ and S8’s ‘The Caretaker.’ None of these are among my favorites. Simon Nye and Richard Curtis – the latter best known for Hugh Grant romantic comedies – have not returned.

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