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The second part of the Silurian 2-parter is fairly depressing. We have terrible examples of both species in Ambrose and Restac. Props to Nia Roberts, who sells the frightened, overzealous, and then repentant mother well. We have a near agreement shot to pieces. We have bitterness and loss on both sides, and no way to win. And we have Rory.

(I neglected to comment on ‘Hungry Earth’ about the first appearance of Neve McIntosh, now best known for Madame Vastra. Here she plays militant sisters. All the Silurian cast members are excellent. The production choice to make use of the actors’ faces was a good one.)

On the other hand, we have Nasreen’s spectacular negotiations, and her willingness to continue representing the human race alongside her new love in a lizardy future. We need to meet her again. Come on, time travel!

Not a happy-ending episode. Some setup for the season arc. I wonder if the payoff is better the second time through.


Posted October 23, 2014 by Elisabeth in Season 5, The Great Re-Watch

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