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Ah, the magic that is James Hance

I adore his work, though I don’t find it relentlessly cheerful. His crossovers are generally cute and fun, but his Tenth Doctor art is all SO SAD… for example, Burden of a Time Lord, Underneath That Burnt Orange Sky, My Sarah Jane, I Think You Look Like Giants, every one is an epic tear-jerker. Even his Ten/Rose stuff – I Believe in Her, and his latest, We’ll Always Be Alright*- has a somber tone. Which is why I still hope against hope that one day he will decide to finish A Hand to Hold, and offer prints of these two best friends having the best time together. ‘Tooth and Claw’ was the beginning of the end for Rose and her Doctor; the last time they had pure fun, without the specter of loss hanging over them.


*Observe that neither of these images is a screencap from an episode. The first is from a promotional photo, the second a set photo between takes for ‘Christmas Invasion.’ The others I’m pretty sure are screen caps; I can’t place all of them, but definitely three out of the five listed: Sarah Jane from ‘School Reunion,’ Giants from ‘The End of Time,’ and Hand to Hold. Yes, I know these images far too well… :-/


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