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Rose Tyler’s hair now featured on Tumblr: series 1 and series 2.

On that note, another obsession of mine: what happened between series 2…


and series 4?


WHY does she look so different? The whole shape of her face appears to have changed!

It’s true that makeup can be magic. A little less mascara grows her up a bit; something different about the cheekbone and jawline color makes her face look longer, less round and babyish. In addition some time has passed in a very busy period physiologically for a young person. The beach scene in ‘Doomsday’ was filmed in January 2006, when Billie Piper was not yet 24 years old.  ‘Partners in Crime’ was filmed in October 2007. It’s not that much later, but time enough for Piper to turn 25, get divorced, and shoot the first season of ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl.’ All that can mature a person.

And then this happens:


Filmed in 2009, ‘The End of Time’ features a young-again Rose. The actress is by now 27, has married, and has had a child. Still, she looks more like ‘Doomsday’ Rose than ‘Partners in Crime’ Rose, with heavy eye makeup and round baby cheeks. The credit here certainly has to go to makeup – unless marriage and motherhood have been particularly good to her.

And since I can’t wrap up Rose without her 50th Anniversary appearance:


Shut up. She’s perfect. ❤


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  1. I’ve cosplayed as Rose, I’d like it if you check out my blog and tell me what you think, that would be amazing.
    Sophia xx


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