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I commented earlier on the episode ‘Vampires of Venice,’ a good all-around example of the essential nature of Doctor Who. I’ve been meaning to look up the writer, which I finally did: lo and behold, it’s Toby Whithouse.

Whithouse has been mentioned as a possible successor to Steven Moffat. He created the series Being Human and wrote most of it himself as far as I can tell. For Doctor Who, he has also written ‘School Reunion,’ a popular episode featuring the return of Sarah Jane and K-9, and an early conversation about the nature of the Doctor’s relationships with his companions; ‘The God Complex,’ which didn’t leave a great first impression and which I’ve yet to rewatch; ‘A Town Called Mercy,’ a space western with some interesting conversations about guilt and responsibility in the aftermath of war; and Torchwood‘s ‘Greeks Bearing Gifts,’ one of the stronger episodes of that show’s first season. Clearly he can write. If he could also hire a range of writers and maintain an ongoing storyline without getting either dull or convoluted, he would make a promising replacement.


Posted October 13, 2014 by Elisabeth in Writers and Writing

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