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Much has been made of Moffat’s parade of weirdly similar villains of late: Ms. Delphox/Karabraxos, Missy, Madame Kovarian, all elegant, pale ladies with dark hair and a penchant for black suits. Start fooling with the variables and you might add Irene Adler (Moffat’s Sherlock), Miss Foster (blonde, RTD era, ‘Partners in Crime’), Miss Hartigan (RTD era, ‘The Next Doctor’), even Mrs. Gillyflower (‘The Crimson Horror’).

At the other end of the spectrum, we have an array of light-haired heroines spanning both eras: Lundvik (‘Kill the Moon’), Madge Arwell (‘The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe’), Abigail (‘A Christmas Carol’), Adelaide Brooke (‘Waters of Mars’), Astrid (‘Voyage of the Damned’), even Lynda with a Y (‘Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways’). Lots of A’s and L’s in this group, M’s and K’s in the other. We also have heroines of color: Liz X (‘The Beast Below’), Jabe (‘The End of the World’), Rita (‘The God Complex’), Nasreen (‘The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood’), Courtney Woods.

And then there’s anti-heroine Lady Christina deSouza (‘Planet of the Dead’), elegant, pale, dark-haired, and almost definitely a good guy. Both an L and a K-sound in her name.

What does it all mean? Likely nothing, but an interesting observation all the same.


ETA 11/5: I completely and unintentionally left out Tasha Lem. She too has the long lean look, dark hair and clothes, and a sinister kind of elegance. I can’t actually remember if she was truly evil; I don’t think she was, not 100% anyway. So her name falling into the A/L category rather than M/K still fits. And apparently, that Christmas ep was well and truly forgettable.


Posted October 7, 2014 by Elisabeth in Guest stars, Piffle

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