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I’m loving these pictures going around of Katy Manning and Peter Capaldi. Such fun these two are.

Jo may be my favorite classic companion. I love her boundless energy, her enthusiasm, her humor. She might not have been the brightest, but she had her strengths, and she was always just so darn happy. I love that she got to come back alongside Lis Sladen in The Sarah Jane Adventures. I love to think on what would happen if she ever got the chance to ride in Twelve’s TARDIS. He’s so like her Doctor, while still being something new and a bit terrifying.

And of course Katy Manning herself is a delight, so warm and full of humor. I would love to have her back on the show for real.


ETA: This is the first time I’ve noticed, Twelve’s TARDIS seems to be full of BOOKS!! 😀

Posted October 7, 2014 by Elisabeth in Companions

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