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Occasionally random thoughts pop up and I feel the need to express them. Fortunately I have this blog.

Did anyone else observe (and keep in mind it’s taken me 4 weeks) that the nickname ‘Rusty’ applied by the Doctor to the damaged Dalek is also applied by Tumblr to prior showrunner Russell T. Davies? What are you saying, Moffat?

Does anyone else wonder whether Courtney’s vomit in the TARDIS was a comment on everyone else’s reactions to things? The Doctor’s treatment of Danny, Danny’s reaction to the Doctor, Danny’s treatment of Clara, Clara’s attempts at deception and self-suppression, all pretty much reek. No one was their best self in this episode; Courtney is merely the most honest about it.

Posted October 1, 2014 by Elisabeth in Piffle, Season 8

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