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A Matt Smith box set is about to be released on Blu-Ray. Now, I love my Complete David Tennant Years DVD set, but I am unlikely to acquire the Eleventh Doctor equivalent.

For one thing, I don’t have the same passionate adoration for Eleven (sorry, Matt) that I do for Nine and Ten. I coveted those DVDs. I was prepared to collect them slowly as I could afford them, until my wonderful husband made his wonderful discovery and delivered them all at once in one gorgeous package. I do love the package; the photos are wonderful. It includes the animated specials Tennant did, a couple of Proms, and some special features that were not part of the regular season releases. I’m happy to have them all.

The Matt Smith collection, on the other hand, mostly seems to include things I have, or things I don’t especially want. ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ and ‘Day of the Doctor’ I acquired individually as soon as they came out. (I kind of wish I’d held out for the upcoming collection which includes ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ but oh well.) I have series 7 on the computer, along with most of the Christmas specials; the remaining special and the better half of S6 I have on DVD. So in acquiring the collection I’d get S5 and half of S6; I’d get S7 and ‘Time of the Doctor,’ which I didn’t especially care for; I’d get it all on Blu Ray, which I also don’t care for. So there’s really no benefit to me in acquiring the set.

However, there is a benefit to me in OTHER people acquiring the set. Matt Smith fans who bought his seasons when they came out may be ready for an upgrade and willing to pay for it. In which case their DVDs will begin appearing in used DVD shops. Where I may have them for a fraction of their original price.

I look forward to the day. 🙂

Posted September 24, 2014 by Elisabeth in Collecting

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