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Into the Dalek

I am not tired of Daleks. I wasn’t thrilled with their last couple of outings, but I am never sorry to see them pop up. So I was not sorry to see this episode either.

Still loving the snarky Doctor. I don’t think it’s at all out of character for him to be practical at the expense of compassion. I think this is another error Eleven’s fans will make.

I enjoyed the Fantastic Voyage shout-out, both in the story and in the dialogue. When you steal something so boldly, it’s only polite to acknowledge it. I’m also very glad that the episode did exactly what it said on the tin. We have not seen Daleks so much from the inside before. And who doesn’t love a Dalek named Rusty? I wouldn’t mind him turning up again. (Why are Daleks ‘him?’ This makes zero sense. It’s hard to call a semi-sentient thing ‘it’ and ‘her’ seems just as strange. There is no reason for this.)

I don’t have a problem with things repeating. The lone Dalek from ‘Dalek;’ the antibodies from ‘Let’s Kill Hitler;’ I don’t mind them. Ideas recur, especially over time, and those were both good ideas.

Danny Pink: I do agree to a certain point that it’s too soon to throw Clara into another man’s arms. It’s lovely to have a companion who is truly independent and okay with herself how she is. However, given Danny’s absence from episode 3, it’s not too much all at once. And given Danny’s charm, well. The interaction between the two was almost perfect and I enjoyed it immensely. I like that Clara isn’t anti-soldier like the Doctor is; I liked the nice parallel and I’m curious to see where that’s going.

I adore Journey Blue. For some reason I can’t get over how TALL Zawe Ashton is! She’s no taller than Amy, she’s no taller than the Doctor, but for some reason I find her really striking. I want her to play Wonder Woman or Young Zoe Washburne or something. I wasn’t sure why she wanted to go with the Doctor in the end, or why he had to shut her down so hard – she did change for him, after all – but neither is an insurmountable obstacle. Twelve is definitely having soldier issues. Maybe he thinks he’s shut the door on that part of his life. I can’t wait to see that blow up in his face when he meets Danny Pink. 🙂

Missy’s appearance in this episode shocked and startled me. I was not expecting it (though I probably should have been). It was a tiny bit thrilling, even. I still don’t have much hope for Moffat’s execution, and I began to gravely fear a Missy moment occurring in every episode – that would get old so fast – but in the moment I enjoyed it, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that young soldier – Gretchen Alison Carlisle – again.

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